thoughtful, contemporary design



The design process begins with a preliminary consultation where client preferences and needs are discussed and opportunities of the site are considered. A thorough site analysis with corresponding research is performed to assist in design decisions and creating a conceptual plan to be reviewed with the client. After feedback and refinement, a final plan is created along with supporting documents - a plant list, illustrative drawings, photos, a preliminary budget, etc. See below for more information.



In general, landscape design fees start at $1200 and up depending on the size and breadth of the design and includes the following:


Conceptual Plan

-Visually lays out rough ideas, vision and style for the space with imagery and a site plan

-Images and "mood board" from other projects to help visualize both your ideas and ours for the property

-Potential plant selections, materials and landscape features and their layout

-We present the conceptual plan to the client and use the feedback in creating a finalized design


Final Plan

-Created using a drafted, to-scale base plan

-The full-color, drafted final plan calls out plant selections, dimensions, materials, elevation changes, and all design elements in the landscape, etc.

-Includes a detailed and complete plant list with size, quantity and species

-Images to help visualize the space and assist in construction and proper realization of the design 

-Prelimnary construction estimate 

-Maintenance recommendations as needed